Exercise 1: Choose the odd one out

1. A. two

B. five

C. number

2. A. this

B. Who

C. that

3. A. home

B. school

C. class

Exercise 2: Choose the correct answer

1. How ______ are you? - I’m ten years old

A. age

B. olds

C. old

2. My father is ________ English teacher.

A. an

B. a

C. the

3. How do you _________ your name? - D-U-N-G

A. spells

B. spelling

C. spell

4. ______ is this? - She’s my classmate, Annie

A. Who

B. What

C. Where

5. Is that your ______, Tom?

A. friends

B. friend

C. friendly

6. Who’s that? - It’s my ________

A. teachers

B. teacher

C. taecher

7. How are you? - I’m very _______. Thank you

A. good

B. fine

C. well

8. ______ is her name? - Her name is Jenny

A. What

B. How

C. Who

Exercise 3: Read the text and complete with the words in the box






My name is Thang. I am a (1) ________ in class 3E. I am eight years old. I have four close (2) __________. This is Thanh. He is (3) __________ years old. He likes playing football. This is Lan. She is eight years old. She (4) _________ playing the piano. That boy is Tony. He is six years old. He is from America. And that girl is Anna. She is five (5) ______ old. I love my friends so much.

Exercise 4: Reorder the words to make correct sentences

1. old/ that/ is/ How/ boy?


2. is/ years/ eight/ old./ She/


3. years/ you/ old?/ Are/ five/


Exercise 5: Find the mistake in each sentence then rewrite the correct one

1. I’m am Jamie


2. What are you? - I’m fine, thanks


3. What’s is your name? - My name is Quynh


-The end-